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Commercial Network

Zapakondi Representaciones, promotes and represents your products or services, in Spain as well as in India:

  • Acting as your commercial office.
  • Contacting and visiting potential clients.
  • Collaborating in the development of the international marketing plan promoting your products.
  • Participating in the design of your trade policy.
  • Negotiating on your behalf.
  • Managing orders.
  • Drawing up international contracts, etc.. Follow-up and keeping a track on payments: international/local.

Regardless of how great a product is, you cannot sell it if consumers are not able to find it.

Zapakondi’s sales agents can provide immediate access to your target market without the need to build your own sales presence.

Our brokers can be especially useful if you are trying to enter a new market where you have little experience or knowledge about.

The biggest advantage is saving time and effort allowing minimize any risk.

"We win,
Only if you win"